Best Interactive Flat Panel For Classroom With Integrated K-12 Digital Content

SmartClass is the education technology platform for K-12 and higher education, serving hundreds of thousands in many countries around the world. We provide the industry’s first All-In-One experience with best in-class, secure, and compliant online solutions, including registration, student information system, learning management and classroom collaboration, assessment, analytics, and special education management. We empower teachers and drive student growth through innovative digital classroom capabilities, and we engage families through real-time communications across any device.

Get easy access to multimedia resources, such as videos, animations, and interactive quizzes, which can enhance classroom engagement and improve learning outcomes.

Interactive Flat Panel

Features Of K-12 Smart Class Content

  • 2 Million+ Learning Resources
  • 1,00,000+ Questions
  • 3,000+ Publishers Mapped
  • 10,000+ Interactive Tools
  • CBSE, ICSE and Major State Boards
  • Track Progress and Performance
  • Monitor Content Usage Report
  • Real Life Videos

  • Special Learning Zone
  • Science Experiments
  • Diagrams and Mapwork
  • History Timelines
  • Toppers Answers
  • HOTs and Sample Papers
  • Formulae Master
  • Previous Year Question Papers
  • Virtual Lab For Experiential Learning

Interactive Flat Panel